Ken Pierson (ASCAP) is an award-winning and experienced composer with a specialty in writing for film and video games. Ken began composing in 2001, received his first commission in 2003, and has studied under Dr. John Hilliard and Dr. David Cottrell at James Madison University. In 2013, Ken was awarded first place in the inaugural Marvin Hamlish Film Scoring competition. Ken prides himself on being able to provide dramatic, top quality, and original custom-tailored music for any project and hopes to connect with up-and-coming film and video game creators who seek to enhance their media with music of the highest caliber.


BIS in Film Scoring | James Madison University


Marvin Hamlish Film Scoring Award | CINE

5-minute demo reel, with clips from:
(Axel Tillement, Axelle Cheriet, Hadrien Ledieu and Nawel Rahal)

Reign of Death
(Matthew Savage)

(Erhan Yuruk)
In a restaurant, a thief steals a chain watch from a man and the action triggers a chain of coincidences.
Film by Erhan Yuruk.
A robot brings life back to a post-apocalyptic world with music.
Film by Laszlo L. Ujvari

Winner of the 2013 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Award.
An old antiques shop harbors something dark...
Film directed by Matt Bird
Up, up, and away! A superhero-esque theme.
An adventure awaits...



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